Get Your Beauty Ready For The Spring Season In Just One Afternoon.

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From getting rid of wrinkles to smoothing out cellulite, our Spring Beauty Package takes care of all your spring beauty needs...

... in just one afternoon.

(No surgery, no downtime. Simple!)

Space is limited and is on a first come, first served basis!

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Please note: There is a $150 consultation fee to be paid upon the first visit.

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Beautiful Words From Beautiful Patients πŸ’•

Professional, neat, knowledgeable and excellent service !

Sinthuja Nirusan

Best best clinic! The ONLY one I trust !!

ValΓ©rie Tolila

Impeccable service! Doctor Ptito is dedicated and takes good care of her patients. The best clinic in all of Montreal. I highly recommend her to all!

Pierre-Marc Laflèche

By far the best i have no words except for the word "perfection". She is simply the best!

Maro Iytras

Professional staff, lovely location, knowledgeable staff. Overall, a wonderful experience!

Nathalie Ezzedine

Meet The Doctor Behind Your Best Beauty Yet

Dr. Linda Ptito MD, LMCC

A pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Linda Ptito is one of the first doctors from the early 90s to treat wrinkles using collagen injections.

For over 20+ years, she has travelled across the world to learn from the best... and to perfect her craft of treating patients using non-invasive, cosmetic solutions.

(This includes completing her liposuction training at the University of Bordeaux in France and in the United States under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Jeffrey Klein...)

Nowadays, she works closely with all her patients at her clinic in Montreal, QC while also mentoring the newest generation in doctors specializing in medical aesthetic.

Let's face it.

When it's winter time, you're just trying to get by and survive...

... hiding and covering yourself for months and months (until the weather finally gets nice and warm again)...

And if that wasn't bad enough:

Those long, harsh winter months can cause serious stress to your body & skin's overall health...

It can damage your complexion, causing blemishes to pop up all over... and overall just downplaying your real, true beauty.

Which also means...

When the warmer season DOES eventually come back...

You won't even be able to ditch the winter clothes and start showing yourself off right away!

Not unless, of course...

You heal all the damage your body & skin took from the winter season first.

Fortunately though...

 Give your beauty the "perfect refresh" it needs for the spring season is actually quite simple...

And the best part?

It just takes one afternoon to get you all nice and ready...

Thank God Winter Is Over...
But Are You Ready For Spring Though?

& Quick

Treatments are just a quick visit in the afternoon. No need to take time off from your life to recover!


With some numbing cream or local anesthesia, you can just lie back and enjoy the transformation.

Addresses Everything

Take care of ALL your skin beauty needs in one sitting (instead of several appointments).

Take Care Of All Your Beauty Needs In Just One Afternoon!

1. Facial Enhancing

With Botox & Injectables by:

βœ“ Smoothing out all fine lines & wrinkles.
βœ“ Restoring volume to lips & cheeks.
βœ“ Filling in tear throughs & temples.

Our Spring Beauty Package Covers All Your Bases With...

With Photorejuvenation IPL by:

βœ“ Eliminating red & brown spots.
βœ“ Healing both damaged & aging skin.

βœ“ Promoting a smoother, fresher complexion.

2. Skin Healing

3. Body Contouring

With Endermolab by:

βœ“ Reducing the appearance of cellulite.
βœ“ Tightening up any sagging skin.
βœ“ Treating localized fat deposits.

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All our packages are fully-customizable so that
they're always perfect for you & your needs.

Don't Need The Full Spring Package? No Worries!

Our Spring Beauty Package Is Perfect
For You If You'd Like To...

βœ“ Look your absolute best for the spring season.
βœ“ Get rid of any fine lines & wrinkles.
βœ“ Heal any damaged skin (like scars or sun damage).

βœ“ Reduce the visibility of any cellulite.
βœ“ Tighten & smooth out any sagging skin.

βœ“ Give your skin a beautiful, radiant glow.
βœ“ Avoid surgery and taking time off.

Our combo treatment made to address ALL your skin beauty needs in just one afternoon... including any:

βœ“ Red Spots
βœ“ Brown Spots
βœ“ Damaged Skin
βœ“ Cellulite
βœ“ Aging Skin
βœ“ Stubborn Fat

βœ“ Fines Lines
βœ“ Wrinkles
βœ“ Lips
βœ“ Cheeks
βœ“ Tear Thoughs
βœ“ Temples

Introducing Our...

(And much, much more...)